Deadpool Meets Cable’s Action Figure In New Deadpool 2Trailer

by Erik Amaya

20th Century Fox’s new Deadpool 2 trailer wants to introduce you to Cable (Josh Brolin), the terrifying cyborg mutant man from the future with a twisted destiny, confusing past and a love for really big guns. But Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) wants to introduce his Deadpool action figure to a toy of Cable. Which also means someone is meeting Deadpool’s crotch.

As with the first film, Deadpool 2‘s anarchic marketing strategy leads to a fun and appealing trailer. But it also brushes up against the grimdark aura of the Man Called Cable. I wonder if that collision of darkness and humor will be the major conflict in the film. Deadpool, who can see beyond his limitations as a fictional character who happens to be played by Ryan Reynolds to notice casting changes in X-Men films and maybe even the impending Fox/Disney merger is likely not impressed by Cable’s seriousness. But maybe he will be taken with some of the impressive stuntwork seen in the trailer.
Deadpool 2 opens on May 18th.

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