Is Toad’s Head A Hat Or A Head? Super Mario Odyssey Producer Has The Answer

by Christine Marie Attardo

I think we can all agree that Toad is one of the most beloved characters in the Mario universe. I mean, who can resist this face…

As the host of Mario Party and an important character in many of Mario’s games, Toad has been with us for years and years. Recently, Super Mario Odyssey producer, Mr. Koizumi sat down to answer some questions regarding the game.
Out of all the questions fans could ask, you wouldn’t think that one would regard Toad. However, it did. In fact, it was a question about the nature of Toad’s mushroom head. Is it a head? Is it a hat? What’s the deal. Take a look at his answer…

…there you have it. The mushroom cap is actually his head and 100% part of his body. Until now I had never considered the possibility of Toad taking off his mushroom cap and scratching a full head of hair. Now, we know that he would be scratching his brain cells…and no one wants to see that.
Apparently this had been a question that had been troubling many fans. I’m very happy that Mr. Koizumi could clear that up along with a few more answers about the Super Mario Odyssey game. I found the game to be absolutely amazing and I really hope they make another one. You can grab a copy of Super Mario Odyssey for the Nintendo Switch.

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