Exclusive Preview: Witness The Rise Of ‘The Coalition’ In Ninja-K #6

by Hannah Means Shannon

Ninja-K has been taking us inside the history of the Ninja Programme that created Ninja-K, aka Ninjak, while tracking down the truth behind the mysterious death of several of its alumni.
Issue #6 kicks off a new arc of this story from Valiant, written by Christos Gage, with art by Juan Jose Ryp, revealing “The Coalition” as a team up of black ops agents to take on this deadly threat. It’s a jumping on point for new readers as we come to terms with the fact that a once-loyal agent has defected from MI-6, sending Colin King across the globe to hunt down the Programme’s former Sensei, the Jonin.
This foe has assembled his own band of warriors, including the Dying One, Kostiy the Deathless, Linton March, and The United’s Ultimo, and so Ninja-K must team up with Livewire, Punk Mambo, Dr. Mirage, and GIN-R to attempt to take them on. A massive clash is on the way–and victory is by no means certain for our super team.
Covers for issue #6 are by Tonci Zonjic, Alan Quah, Clayton Crain, and Neal Adams:

Here’s our exclusive preview of this major turning point in the Ninja-K plotline!

Ninja-K #6 arrives in shops on April 11th, 2018. It reaches Final Order Cut-Off (FOC) on March 19th, 2018.

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