Con Countdown: Previewing Portsmouth Comic Con’s Big Name Guests

by Olly MacNamee

This May Day Bank Holiday (May 5th – 6th), Portsmouth will be hosting a comic con which is already stacking up to be one of the more impressive independent shows this side of summer with a guest list that many bigger cons would kill for, thanks to producers, Joel Meadows and Andrew Colman, who were tasked with the job of wrangling guests and organising the whole shebang.
We were informed:

Two and a half decades of running the magazine (Tripwire) and now the website has given us enormous insight and knowledge of the comic industry and pop culture in general. We have also been very lucky in cementing relationships with some of the most celebrated talent and movers and shakers in the business.

And these are some relationships that have been cemented, with the likes of Walter Simonson and Louise Simonson appearing alongside Frank Quitely, Shelly Bond and so many more. Here, take a look for yourselves.

Arguably, the south coast of Great Britain hasn’t been the hotbed for comic cons in recent years, and so with the likes of ICE Brighton last year (and ICE Margate this year) as well as this show, in future years they may even have a contender to equal Thought Bubble.
Exactly the thoughts of Meadows and Colman too:

The north of England is well-served by the likes of Thought Bubble and The Lakes, but the south of England lacks a definitive comics and genre show that is immersive, international and professional to the level of the shows we mentioned.

It can always be a gamble putting on a new, untested show, especially with calls for less cons, not more. But, with it being held on the South Coast, a place screaming for such shows, I feel this could be a great debut.
I’ll let you know. Hotels booked and bucket and spade packed. That, and my Thor Omnibus!

For more details, check their official homepage for more announcements.

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