Matt Kindt And David Rubin’s Ether Returns With ‘The Copper Golems’

by Hannah Means Shannon

The work of artist David Rubin featured in Comicon’s Best of 2017 lists, and we’re big fans of the series Ether, written by Matt Kindt, and Rubin’s haunting art work.

Now the tale of Boone Dias, a human exploring a fantastic realm with harsh underlying principles, is returning for a new arc from Dark Horse Comics titled “The Copper Golems“. Rubin must be a busy man, coming off work on Black Hammer and Sherlock Frankenstein, also at Dark Horse. Artist Paul Pope (Battling Boy) also provides a first issue variant cover.

Ether: The Copper Golems follows our scientist as he tries to keep the balance between Earth and the magical world of Ether. He tries to seal the portal breaches that have opened between Earth and the Ether that have “unleashed devastating magical fury on Earth”. Boone recruits a team of “mystical beings” including “a grumpy, spell-writing fairy; a bickering, lavender gorilla; and a bull-headed, motorcycling spell-hacker”.
This sounds particularly awesome since not only does Kindt write grumpy characters well, but Rubin draws the best “over this” facial expressions you’ll see in comics.

Some of the locations we’ll see in the new series include “centers of volcanoes, deserts full of living mummies and sphinxes, and a bizarre fairy forest”.

The first issue of Ether: The Copper Golems goes on sale May 16, 2018, and is available for preorder at your local comic shop. This is a journey you’ll want to go on.

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