Madden ’18 Ultimate League Week 1: Featured Game Of The Week & Results

by Gary Catig

Some of the participants of the Madden Club Championship didn’t get much rest from competitive eSports as the first week of the Madden Ultimate League began the next day. The league is comprised of 16 of the best Madden players in the world. The winners and runners-up of the Madden Classic, Madden Challenge, and the Madden Club Championship along with the next ten highest point earners of the Madden Championship Series all qualified.
The league is comprised of two conferences, the Elite and the Legend. Each conference has two divisions comprised of four players each. Much like the Club Championship, the players will be using the MUT salary cap mode to select their teams.  There is a total half a million-dollar prize pool with $100,000 going to first place. The featured game of the week, which was aired on Disney XD, was between number one player in the world, Michael “Skimbo” Skimbo and Shay “Young Kiv” Kivlen.
Young Kiv started the game with possession first and marched his way down the field using his passing game. Once near the red zone, he couldn’t capitalize and only walked away with a field goal. Skimbo responded with a 66-yard scoring drive ending with an 8-yard touchdown pass. The first quarter ended with a score of 7 – 3 favoring Skimbo with Young Kiv facing fourth down.
When the second quarter began, Young Kiv decided to go for it and was rewarded with a 20-yard pass completion and a new set of downs. He would eventually make his way into the end zone with a 13-yard touchdown pass finding his corner route receiver.  Skimbo came back to retake the lead, 14 – 10, with a long 36-yard touchdown pass. On Young Kiv’s next possession, he was able to score another field goal, but Skimbo strategically used his time outs to give him one last chance to score before the end of the half. His planned seem to work as he was within kicking range with seven seconds left, but in a rare misstep, he attempted a fake field goal and failed miserably. At half time, the competitors were involved in a tight match with the score 14 – 13, Skimbo.
Skimbo received the kick off at the onset of the second half. On the following drive, he made a costly error and threw an interception. He quickly made up for the turnover with an interception of his own on the next play and began yapping at his opponent.  Up to this point, the match was quiet with both players focusing on the game. Young Kiv’s defense was able to hold Skimbo to a field goal increasing his lead to 4. Young Kiv ended the third quarter with back to back complete passes of 18 and 17 yards threatening in his challenger’s side of the field.
Using up almost half of the final quarter, Young Kiv converted on an important fourth and goal to retake the lead 20 – 17. On Skimbo’s ensuing drive his opponent began running his mouth as he came up with two defensive stops leading to a do or die fourth down. Skimbo converted on a 17-yard pass keeping his drive alive.  One could feel the tension of the tight match up as the players continued to jaw back and forth.  Only Young Kiv could back up his trash talk as he forced a big interception with only 24 seconds left. Skimbo swallowed his pride and finally conceded as he didn’t even use his last time out. Though a heated contest, the two players showed a gesture of good sportsmanship and shook hands in the end.
This was a close match up and one can only think how Skimbo was feeling afterwards.  The difference was only 3 points, the same 3 points he gave up when he botched the fake field goal attempt. Not only that, but he was also the one who initiated the trash talk so he looks really small for losing the match. I don’t like arrogance in general, but it’s even worse if you don’t follow through. He has a lot to think over as he is facing a rare 2-game losing streak. Young Kiv played well and deserved the W in the end.
In other Week 1 action, Echo Fox Joke was victorious over Drini in a Legends A match up 21 – 15. Madden Club Champion runner up, Problem, shook off his previous defeat and beat Dubby 28 – 17. On the other hand, the Madden Club Champion, Gos, could not keep the momentum up and fell to Joel CP 20 – 31. Look at the standings after the first week below.

The featured Ultimate Madden League match of the week can be viewed on Disney XD on Thursdays at 9:00 pm.  Other matches can be streamed on the EA Sports YouTube channel with new matches starting every Saturday at 5:00 pm ET.

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