Baskets 3.4 Recap: Bringing A Touch Of Class And Sophistication To Bakersfield

by Gary Catig

Since she purchased it, the Baskets Family Rodeo has taken over Christine’s life. It has brought some high moments, like her TV interview and a successful opening night, but it has also caused her to lose touch with other aspects of her life. While at a local shop, she bumps into one of her friends from her weekly card games. However, also accompanying her friend is the woman who replaced her at the group get togethers.  They are getting a picture framed from their jazz night under the stars and Mrs. Baskets gains a reminder of the things she missed while focusing on her business. While in a meeting with her two sons, she comes up with an idea of bringing a little sophistication and class to the rodeo. She will have an opera night and invite her neglected friends as V.I.P.’s.
[*Spoilers for 3.4 Ahead!]
To help plan her extravagant evening, she wants to put all her purchases on the business credit card. Expenses begin to add up as she’s pulling out all the stops. Even Chip joins in on the spending as he’s flying in some of his clown colleagues from France for the show. Dale, who’s in charge of finances, is worried over how they’re going to pay for everything.
On the day of the big event, Christine’s running from one place to another gathering decorations, picking up people from the airport, and putting out any fires as they arise.  She’s so preoccupied over making sure everything is perfect for the night, she keeps leaving her boyfriend behind at the places she stops by.
Despite all the chaos, the show starts off well. It might not be a real opera, but it’s at least what Christine thinks one should be. It’s more like a looney tunes cartoon as the performer sings the same songs the WB frog has sung in his classic cartoons and Mama Baskets is dressed up wearing a Viking helmet like she’s the star of Bugs Bunny’s What’s Opera Doc. It doesn’t matter since the performer’s voice is so melodious and her friends are impressed.
In the middle of the show, Chip and Dale reminisce about their childhood and when their mom took over their boy scout troop in a similar fashion as the opera. Though Chip appreciated the gesture, since Christine was the only one who stepped up when all the dads abandoned the troop, Dale did not like how she dove head first into it with a major lack of planning, since he ended up drinking water from a puddle during a camping trip.
For the finale, there is a fireworks show, but due to budgetary restraints, they can only fire off two rockets. Feeling underwhelmed by the brief show, Christine pulls an executive decision and orders more. Dale tries to stop the remaining fireworks, but ends up knocking them over. They fire into a nearby salad bar station, spilling food all over his mom’s friends.
At the very of end of the episode, Dale feels that his mom is out of control, so he calls his Uncle Jim for help reeling her back in. Christine’s brother doesn’t hesitate aiding his nephew because he’s still fuming over the fact he thinks she stole his inheritance away at the end of season 2.
Though originally holding the opera night for her friends, Christine later admits it was more for her. She has always been the supportive person in the background, with Chip and Dale and her other set of twins, the DJ’s.  It wasn’t until recently that she has felt empowered and started pursuing her own dreams. This event could be considered her coming out party and it could explain why she micromanaged the entire project. She wanted everything to be perfect, but she’s not accustomed to being in the spotlight and the leadership role. As Chip and Dale mentioned, when in that position she can get carried away, and it might not always end with the best results. It seems Dale has had enough and enlisted his uncle’s help.
Interesting episode notes:

  • Dale has grown fond of the goat he stole from episode 2 and named her Lisa. She even helps massage him when he’s dealing with lower back pain.
  • The Baskets Family Rodeo has picked up another clown named Sleepy, who has mad sign flipping skills.
  • Not only can you save money on everyday items with a Costco card, you might also win a prize giveaway of free Kirkland brand jeans. It’s the membership that keeps on giving.

Baskets airs Tuesday nights at 10:00 pm on FX.

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