Starburns Press Will Publish Hellish Family Comedy Series ‘Hellicious’

by Hannah Means Shannon

Starburns Press (SBI) have been gearing up for their launch of 2018 comic releases from the same company that created Rick & Morty. We recently had them on the site talking about their upcoming Free Comic Book Day 2018 release.
In that same FCBD issue, you’ll get a preview of their new family comedy series set in Hell, Hellicious.
They say:
Cherry, the Devil’s prankster granddaughter and the cutest grim reaper in Hell, is honestly just trying to have fun and make new friends. She just keeps getting derailed by the fact that human beings are flammable.
She loves everything about Hell – its burning landscapes, its horrific inhabitants, and especially her demonic mother and grandfather – but she’s lonely. There’s nobody to play with, and anyone who tries ends up being defenestrated or digested or otherwise destroyed.
There’s only one mortal who Cherry thinks might be a good playmate: rock star and goth icon Briggy Bundy. The bad news is, he isn’t dead…Yet.
The new series will be written by A.C. Medina (Elasticator) and Mina Elwell (Infernoct), and drawn by Kit Wallis and Hellicious will be a 32 page single issue comic miniseries on sale in July 2018.

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