Marvel’s Starfox May Work Better As A Villain Than A Hero

by Benjamin Hall

[**Trigger Warning For Non-Consensual acts. Spoilers For She-Hulk Vol. 4: Laws Of Attraction and Infinity Gauntlet!]

Eros a.k.a. Starfox made his début in 1973 in the first Iron Man series (May 1968-Sept. 1996). He is both an Eternal (a fictional augmented off-shoot of humanity) from the Jovian moon Titan and an Avenger. When he spends time on Earth, he is primarily known by his Avengers identity of Starfox. It is also through his limited adventures as an Avenger that he has gained any real notability as a character. Well, those adventures and the Infinity Gauntlet. Though the latter was more him just being a mostly silent, and unimportant, witness and hostage to his brother Thanos attempting to woo Mistress Death (literally death incarnate).

Yet, despite various attempts to make him the opposite of his evil and cunning brother, no one has been able to do so. In fact if one looks at his Wikipedia page, the most notable section is about the time a married woman accused him of sexual assault by means of his powers. To clarify, Eros like his Greek God namesake, is able to fly, has more than human strength, and the ability to induce positive emotions. Therefore, she was alleging that he essentially was mind-controlling her by using the inducing power.

These allegations occur, and then get resolved via two trials, in She-Hulk Vol. 4: Laws Of Attraction the resolution is problematic. Part of the problem is that Starfox essentially escapes his trial on Earth, so we never get a resolution for that specific incident. The second trial on his home planet ties up the storyline by suggesting he never used his powers on She-Hulk in a sexual way, but had abused his powers to make unwilling people happy. After this second trial, Eros supposedly goes off to apologize to everyone he unwillingly affected with his powers.

Now the reason all of that is important is that we never get a clear answer on what happened between him and the married woman mentioned previously. Also, his history of inducing desire is very similar to the villains Purple Man and Mandrill. Yes, the Purple Man and Mandrill have pheromone powers, but they can still manipulate others’ wants and desires. Not to mention that all three of them have used their powers in a non-consenting way.

So based on this line of thinking, and how unremarkable a hero he is, maybe we should go with Dan Slott’s writing of Starfox in She-Hulk Vol. 4 Laws Of Attraction and make Eros a well-meaning, but harmful, villain.

Benjamin Hall

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