Brainiac Makes His Krypton Debut In New Preview

by Erik Amaya

Brainiac has finally arrived on television — or at least in live action. When the character was depicted in the initial seasons of Superfriends, he was seen as a green alien with a build and face very similar to Lex Luthor. With the 1980s, the Superfriends and DC Comics model sheet changed into a metallic android with the iconic Skullship. He also appeared on Smallville with Buffy: The Vampire Slayer‘s James Masters eschewing the green skin tone for the actor’s trademark looks.
But when Syfy’s Krypton debuts next month, it will feature a crazy accurate depiction of the character as he appeared in the Geoff Johns and Gary Frank “Brainiac” story published in Action Comics #866-870 back in 2008. And if this preview is any indication, the character — as portrayed by actor Blake Ritson — may be the best thing about the show.

The preview, which first appeared on USA Today‘s website, features the strongest bit of footage from the series yet released. In fact, it might a game changer for those feeling dubious about Krypton, its prequel nature, and the involvement of executive producer David S. Goyer. I have to admit I’m one of those people watching the development of the show with bemused curiosity. But I am impressed by the look of the character and the voice Ritson applied to Brainiac.
Also, it is nice to a green Coluan on television for once.
Since Goyer refers to the character as the show’s season one big bad, we can at least look forward to Krypton having a strong villain game; which may be enough to pull the show through its freshman year. But it will be up to star Cameron Cuffe as Superman’s grandfather Seg-El and the other supporting actors to make it endearing enough to want future seasons.
Krypton debuts March 21st on Syfy.

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