Watch The Trailer: Marvel’s ‘Fresh Start’ Follows Their Legacy Program

by Hannah Means Shannon

Marvel Legacy was announced a little less than a year ago during the retailer-focused event ComicsPRO, and coming up on ComicsPRO 2018, Marvel have made their next line-wide major announcement of “Fresh Start“.
Their announcement text reads:

May 2018
New Creative Teams
New Series
New Directions
New Beginnings
Make Mine Marvel!
They’ve released a Fresh Start teaser video featuring both C.B. Cebulski and Joe Quesada. Cebulski speaks of a “line-wide change of talent” and Quesada emphasizes the appeal that Fresh Start will have to new readers and lapsed readers of Marvel Comics.
A term like “Fresh Start” is certainly wide-ranging in its possible connotations. Following on from Legacy, it could be seen as an effort to push nostalgia aside at this time and move forward in a new way. Something that’s a little surprising is the phrase “line-wide change of talent” when a number of newer, younger creators have already been added to Marvel’s stable of talent in the past year or two, like Matthew Rosenberg and Donny Cates. Perhaps this means a reshuffling of book assignments rather than all-new creators?
We’ll no doubt find out soon since Fresh Start begins in May 2018.
Here’s that teaser video:

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