Zeb Communes With A Loth-wolf In A Preview Of Next Week’s Star Wars Rebels

by Erik Amaya

While the Ghost crew is no doubt still grieving from their recent losses, the struggle to free Lothal continues. Even if Zeb has a hard time dealing with Ezra’s new mode of transport. Then again, even Ezra has a hard time with the Loth-wolves. But as seen in this clip from next week’s episodes of Star Wars Rebels, the team always finds a way to tackle adversity.

The mission leads Ezra and the others back into the Jedi Temple. Unfortunately, the Empire is there as well and ready to use its secrets for some nefarious purpose. According to the Loth-wolf Dume, the knowledge in the temple could still be used against the Rebellion, but there is a possibility for Ezra to restore what was lost after he and Kanan visited the Sith Temple on Malachor. But with Grand Admiral Thrawn on his way back to the planet, time may already be running out.
Star Wars Rebels airs Mondays on Disney XD.

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