Image Expo 2018: Liefeld’s Bloodstrike Is Back With Michel Fiffe

by Olly MacNamee

Rob Liefeld’s Bloodstrike is back, with story, art and cover by Michel Fiffe. Well, back for three issues at least. Along with back-up stories by Chuck Forsman and Paul Maybury with pin-ups by Ed Piskor, Benjamin Marra, Andrew Maclean, and more!

In Michel Fiffe’s BLOODSTRIKE: BRUTALISTS, the creator of the indie hit COPRA shines a light on Image’s most extreme series and its groundbreaking carnage. Whether it’s the origin of our favorite undead strikeforce or solving the trail of mysteries that plague them, this mini-series picks up where the original title left off while introducing the concept to a new audience. Celebrate Bloodstrike’s take-no-prisoners legacy by looking forward as only the new wave of comic-auteurs can! Don’t “rub the blood”…drown in it.

Check out our full  recap of the event here.
Bloodstrike is due to launch in October 2018 from Image Comics.

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