Image Expo 2018: Witness The Damage We Do In The Name Of Justice With The Weatherman

by James Ferguson

Writer Jody LeHeup, artist Nathan Fox, and colorist Dave Stewart are teaming up for an action-packed sci-fi epic with The Weatherman from Image Comics. The series follows a local weatherman and fun-loving amneasiac, Nathan Bright, who was just a normal guy, living his life on terraformed Mars. The past Nathan didn’t know he had has come back to murder him when he’s accused of committing the worst terrorist attack in human history. It’s an event that killed nearly the entire population of Earth, so that’s kind of a big deal.

Bright has suddenly become the galaxy’s most wanted man. His fate is in the hands of the disavowed government agent, Amanda Cross, who has been assigned to his case. This unlikely duo will have to rely on each other to battle their way through the solar system, searching for the truth buried in Nathan’s lost memory. That’s the key to stopping the real enemy from carrying out a second extinction-level attack.
Jody LeHeup says:

Series artist Nathan Fox’s work on The Weatherman will hit you like a bolt of lightning.  Vicious and vital, it’s high energy for even higher stakes. There simply aren’t comics more beautiful than this.

Nathan Fox adds:

Before I even finished Jody’s first script I knew I had to tell this story. The Weatherman is one of the most inspired, relevant, and human stories I’ve ever had the privilege of contributing to and I absolutely cannot wait for people to read it.

The Weatherman is set to debut in June 2018.
Check out this recap of the full event here.

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