Riftworld Legends Comes To Print This Month From Joe Books

by James Ferguson

Digital-first comic, Riftworld Legends is making the jump to print this month from Sienna Films, First Love Films, and Joe Books. The fantasy series, created and written by Jonathan Williams, illustrated by Daniel Wong, colored by Paris Alleyne, and edited by Jennifer Hale, is the first major expansion of the Riftworld universe from the digital series, Riftworld Chronicles. This is nice timing as there is also a TV series and mobile game in the works.

Riftworld Legends is set in the 1400s, following two young mariners left for dead on an island in the North Atlantic…or so they think. When the hostile landscape shows it’s full of magical power and mythical beasts, the pair realize they’ve left our world entirely. A struggle for survival turns into an epic saga of worlds colliding.
Andrew Nicholas McCann Smith, Producer, First Love Films says:

We couldn’t be more excited to bring Riftworld into print. This next step in expanding Riftworld is a direct result of the incredible fan support for the digital series and online comic. We can’t wait to keep telling more Riftworld stories.

Jonathan Williams, digital series creator and writer adds:

The comic acts as backdrop for the web series and a super in-depth origin story for the world we meet in the web series. It was amazing to have the opportunity to flesh out the fantasy side of Riftworld from the web series in a new format that is perfectly suited for colorful, action-packed adventure.

Riftworld Legends #1 will be available at your local comic shop on February 28th, 2018. Fans in the Toronto area can attend a launch party at Silver Snail Comics with the Riftworld creative team. You can also pick up the first five issues on ComiXology.

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