“I Choose You!” How Will You Celebrate Pokemon Day?

by Christine Marie Attardo

Next week brings the always exciting event for fans of Pokemon. Yes, I’m talking about Pokemon Day! This year it falls on February 27th and fans are already anticipating what the day will bring.

Currently, a discussion on forming the perfect Pokemon team is taking place on social media.
Here’s what Pokemon International had to say:

A Pokémon team consists of only six Pokémon, and with more than 800 species of Pokémon discovered, every team you make is sure to be truly your own. Different Trainers have different philosophies on how to build a strong team. Some try to build teams using favorite Pokémon, composing their team of members that reflect their personality. Others try to make teams as powerful as possible using strong Pokémon from many types. Others build teams based around different restrictions—like Gym Leaders, who use Pokémon that all share a single type.

I, for on,e have always been a fan of Pokemon, so days like this are a special treat. Whether you’re bingeing some of your favorite episodes of the show or breaking out your TCG cards and DS games, celebrating will definitely be a good time. I also think we should bake some Pokemon treats like these…

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