A Brian K. Vaughn Silver Surfer Script Joins Fox’s Ambitious Marvel Plans

by Erik Amaya


Brian K. Vaughn is writing a script based on Jack Kirby and Stan Lee’s Silver Surfer.
At least, that’s reportedly in the works as 20th Century Fox steps up its plans to make even more Marvel movies. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the studio hopes to release three movies per year based on their Marvel stable of X-Men and Fantastic Four characters. Despite the expected Fox merger with the Walt Disney Company and the return of the Marvel characters to Marvel Studios, Fox’s current motto is “business as usual” in the event the merger fails; which means projects like the recently unveiled Kitty Pryde film, the in-development Multiple Man and the previously “secret” Silver Surfer project continue apace.
Then there’s the beleaguered Gambit, which will attempt to find its fourth director in the hopes of a late 2019 or early 2020 release.
Other projects include Noah Hawley’s Doctor Doom project, which he announced at Comic-Con International: San Diego last summer and X-Force, which is expected to begin production in the Fall. Additionally, the year-long delay of New Mutants means a round of reshoots to add a new character into the film. Maybe Cable (Josh Brolin) will come to collect the teen mutants.
It is assumed the completion of the Fox/Disney merger will scupper at least some of these projects — certainly anything slated for a release beyond 2020 — but Brian Michael Bendis, writer of the Kitty Pryde project, told THR that “[the merger] does not affect [our] project in any way, shape or form is what I was told.”
Of course, we’ll see if that remains true two years from now.

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