Brooklyn Cartoonist Dean Haspiel Crowdfunds His New Play: The Last Bar At The End Of The World

by Hannah Means Shannon

We’ve talked about the plays written by cartoonist Dean Haspiel on previously, and had a blast attending the last one, Harakiri Kane, performed at the comics-friendly venue The Brick Theatre in Brooklyn, New York. Find a post-mortem interview with the cast of that play here. 

Haspiel’s first two plays are actually part of a trilogy, and the final one is set to be performed this spring, completing the cycle. In these plays you’ll find many of the themes prevalent in Haspiel’s comics, like the friction-based nature of romantic relationships, the search for meaning when the world has turned heroes into anti-heroes, and a sense of cityscape that’s often reminiscent of the comics tradition behind New York City.
The Last Bar at the End of the World is sure to bring some of those ideas back around and will be performed at Urban Stages in NYC from April 10th to 15th, 2018. 
They say:

We are incredibly excited to be in production for the World Premiere of Emmy-award winning cartoonist Dean Haspiel’s new work “The Last Bar at the End of the World.” Dean returns to the stage with this existential tragicomedy about a dying graphic novelist, his best friend, and the sages, teachers, lovers, and losers that fill up his cityscape in a play that asks the question “Why are we here and what do we have to do to move on?

The play is being supported by an Indiegogo campaign that’s running over the next 10 days or so, and supporting the campaign comes with various reward tiers, including signed graphic novels from Haspiel, signed show posters, tickets, and more.

Credits for the play include:
by Dean Haspiel
A Thin Duke Production in association with Sparkplug Productions
Directed by Philip Cruise
Philip Cruise, Tarik Davis, Lex Friedman, Seth Gilliam, Christopher Lee, Edward Miller, Alyssa Simon, Anna Stefanic, and Stoya
Check out the campaign here and support a worthy development in the arts.

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