The Rocketeer To Become Disney Junior Animated Series

by Erik Amaya


Dan Stevens’ The Rocketeer will take on a new animated form next year.
Deadline reports a new Rocketeer animated series is in production. Based on Stevens’ beloved rocket man character, the new Disney Junior show will focus on a new lead character. When young Kit receives a surprise package on her birthday, she learns she is the next in line to become the Rocketeer. Taking on the gift of flight, she, her “gadget-minded best friend,” Tesh, and her uncle Ambrose set out on new adventures in the sky.
According to the report, the show will consist of 11-minute shorts and a song, in keeping with the style of Disney Junior programing.
Stevens began chronicling the adventures of the original Rocketeer Cliff Secord in 1982 as a back-up feature in various Pacific Comics publications before moving to Eclipse and later Dark Horse for subsequent stories and collected editions. Honoring the Commando Cody movie serials of the 1950s and pin-up star Betty Page, the stories were a mix of pulp, adventure and comic book tropes. Sadly, Stevens passed away in 2008. IDW continues Cliff’s adventures with new writers and artists adding to the tale.
The Rocketeer also hit movies screens in 1991 starting The 4400‘s Billy Campbell, Jennifer Connolly and Timothy Dalton. Fondly remembered by those who happened to see it, it floundered at the box office and never joined Disney’s stable of dependable intellectual property. Nonetheless, the studio was said to be working on a remake or reboot as recently as last year. It is unclear if the Disney Junior series is the result of that reboot attempt.
The series is set to debut in 2019.

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