A Preview Of Next Week’s Black Lightning Hints At Team-Ups And In-Fighting

by Erik Amaya

The proverbial cat is finally out of the metahuman bag on Black Lightning. In fact, even the use of the term “metahuman” is a surprising change for the show; suggesting again that there are more powered individuals out there besides Jeff (Cress Williams) and Anissa (Nafessa Williams). It also suggests the experiments Jeff’s father uncovered were not the only source of powers. And it’s pretty safe to conclude that Tobias Whales’s (Marvin “Krondon” James III) attempts to harness metahuman powers will be the secret behind Greenlight.
But let’s move back to the cat: Jeff and Anissa finally know about each others’ powers and secrets. And as seen in this preview of next week’s show, Anissa is ready to learn the ropes from Black Lightning and take out the 100. Her mother Lynn (Christine Adams), however, is not so sure about the idea. Meanwhile, the situation between Tobias and Lady Eve (Jill Scott) appears to be unraveling, but will he really be able to take her on?

And to go back to Lynn for a moment — she is always dangling perilously close to Skyler White syndrome: a condition in which a loving spouse — or ex-wife in this case — and their concern for the protagonist’s safety turns them into a TV antagonist. This week’s show seemed to address that as Anissa accidentally clarified Lynn’s problem with Black Lightning, but to hear Lynn trying to put the breaks on Anissa’s journey still rings a little Skyler-ish. I keep hoping the show goes in a different direction with her because she’s such a great presence otherwise. But perhaps that journey is also part of Black Lightning‘s plan.
Black Lighting airs Tuesdays on The CW.

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