Barry Is Running To Stand Still In A Preview Of Next Week’s Episode Of The Flash

by Erik Amaya

While the threat of Clifford DeVoe (various actors at this point) still looms above Barry (Grant Gustin), Ralph (Hartley Sawyer) and the rest of Team Flash, Central City’s newest problem may be the greatest challenge yet for the The Flash. As seen in the following preview, a high yield bomb detonates, but Barry moves fast enough to keep it from completely exploding. Which is great until he can no longer keep up the pace. Will he find a way to prevent the destruction of the city in time?

Presumably, this is another of DeVoe’s schemes, but what could be the real angle here? His so-called Enlightenment seems to be hitting the skids as the body transfers take a toll on his consciousness. So what good could be gained from tiring out the Flash? Maybe The Thinker just needs to test the upper limits of his opponent.
Meanwhile, I’m a little ticked that Izzy (Miranda MacDougall) was, in some way, fridged to motivate Ralph’s need for revenge. She seemed like an interesting character and to waste her that way was not the smartest move the show has made … and its moves have been kind of dumb of late.
The Flash airs Tuesdays on The CW.

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