ECCC 2018: ComixTribe Debuts Wailing Blade With Limited Ashcan Preview

by James Ferguson

A few months back indie publisher ComixTribe teased Wailing Blade, an upcoming project from writer Rich Douek, artist Joe Mulvey, colorist Christopher Sotomayor, and letterer Taylor Esposito.  This weekend at Emerald City Comic Con, attendees will get a chance to check out an exclusive ashcan preview of the first issue, limited to 100 copies at Artist Alley Booth W10 where both Doeuk and Mulvey will be available to sign copies.  If you’re not going to ECCC, don’t worry.  You can download a digital version at
Wailing Blade is described as “a tale of mankind’s struggle against tyranny in a future dark age.”  It takes place in a terrifying futuristic landscape where brutal tyrannical rulers use advanced technology to control the masses, who treat it like magic.  The worst among them is the Tyrant of Minturn who eliminates his opposition with his legendary executioners.  The most feared executioner is the Head Taker who wields the unstoppable Wailing Blade, a sword that screams louder than the victims it beheads.  OK, that sounds pretty awesome.

Writer Rich Douek says:

Wailing Blade is our love letter to the weird, psychedelic Sci-fi of the seventies and eighties. From the pulp adventures of Jack Vance’s Dying Earth, to the Saturday morning craziness of Thundarr the Barbarian, Wailing Blade melds some of my favorite science fiction into a crazy adventure that I’m having an absolute blast creating.

Fans can follow along on Twitter and Instagram with the #TakeTheBlade hashtag to keep up with news about the series, including the recently announced Declan Shalvey variant cover that will be featured on the series release later this year.

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