ECCC 2018: Boom! Studios Announce 25th Anniversary Power Rangers, Regular Show 25 Years Later, WWE ‘Fight Forever’

by Hannah Means Shannon

Our reporter Gary Catig caught some announcements from Boom! Studios during their panel at Emerald City Comic Con today, and we have the initial info:
The publisher will be putting out a 25th Anniversary Power Rangers issue coming in June with creators Sina Grace, Maggs Visaggio, and Joe Quinones involved.
There will also be a publication for “The Regular Show 25 Years Later” with Chris Hastings. 
Issue 18 of the WWE comic will be entitled Fight Forever starring Sami Zayn and Kevin Orton. They will be battling the injustices of the Smackdown higher ups.
That’s the basic information for now, but look out for a full panel recap coming up!

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