Lifeformed: Cleo Makes Contact Gets A Sequel And Behind The Scenes Access

by Hannah Means Shannon

Lifeformed: Cleo Makes Contact was published as an original graphic novel at Dark Horse, and at Emerald City Comic Con, writer Matt Mair Lowery and artist Cassie Anderson announced that they are working on a sequel and have launched a Patreon Page where readers can follow the creation of the new volume.
The Lifeformed Patreon will give access to behind-the-scenes looks at both Cleo Makes Contact and not-yet-titled sequel, with exclusive looks at both art and script development. You’ll also learn a lot more about Lowery and Anderson.
Mair Lowery says:

We’re really excited to get to continue Cleo and the rest of the characters’ journeys, and to have readers onboard via the Patreon for not just the books themselves but as part of the creative process.

Anderson adds:

This second part to Cleo and Alex’s story is going to be a fun ride. And we can’t wait to share the behind-the-scenes process with readers through our Patreon.

The second volume of Lifeformed is targeted for release in the Fall of 2019. The creators’ Patreon page can be reached at

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