Savannah Comic Con: The Little Convention That Could

by Hannah Means Shannon

By Mark Fenton

Savannah Comic Con was held this past weekend of February 24 – 25th at the Savannah Georgia International Trade & Convention Center.
The show began as Kickstarter project with stretch goals that unlocked a second day, additional guests, and exclusive comics/prints. By the end of the project’s run a second day was added, Jonathan Hickman and Carlos Alazraqui were added as guests, and an exclusive Ian McGinty comic book was unlocked. The show itself was small but not overcrowded. It had a good mix of craft vendors, comic book shops, and comic book creators. Eryk Donovan, Wilfredo Torres, and Stephen Green were creators on hand in addition to Hickman and McGinty.

There were plenty of cosplayers on hand, everything from Jason Voorhees to every variation of Deadpool you could think of. Award winning cosplayer Philip Odango/Canvas Cosplay was a guest at the show and the cosplay contest was held on Sunday.

Overall for a first-year show, Savannah Comic Con was a fun show. The staff were friendly, the guests were very personable, and there was plenty of room to walk the floor. Let’s hope they take what they learned from year one and make year two that much better.

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