Exclusive Interview: Mike Perkins On His Move To DC – “I’ve Never Had The Chance To Work With Bendis, Perhaps Now I Will”

by Olly MacNamee

You will probably have heard by now that Mike Perkins is leaving Marvel Comics after 14 years to work for the first time at DC Comics. Well, we have an exclusive first interview with Mike who tells us his reasons for swapping teams and what he’s looking forward to now that he’s landed at DC Comics.
Olly MacNamee: Firstly, Mike, congratulations on the move to DC, by the way.
Mike Perkins: Thank you – The news seems to have been warmly welcomed.
OM: 14 years at Marvel is some feat. In your time there, you’ve been involved with some pretty big stories, such as your work on the death of Captain America, and more recently with your work on the critical hit, Iron Fist. What have been your own personal highlights from your time at Marvel?
MP: It seems overly trite to mention all the friendships I’ve made there, so I’ll just do that here in passing. I think that the one thing I’m most proud of is the adaptation of Stephen King’s The Stand – if only because it holds up on its own. It’s a complete piece that won’t be added to, or redone and rebooted anytime soon. It’s wonderful to have that volume of consistent work as part of your portfolio. I also always love signing at the Marvel Booth at the conventions. That buzz and the chance to meet with fans of your work is priceless.
OM: And, while I am sure you can’t give away too many details about your upcoming work with DC, can you at lest give us any hints? Failing that, who would you love to tackle from out of DC’s toy box?
MP: Still waiting on the okay from DC’s publicity department on announcements, but I CAN tell you that I have a loooong wish list. Apart from a few inking jobs and short stories in The Big Books this’ll be my first dance with DC, so if you look at the Who’s Who Encyclopedia of characters and open at any random page, I’m sure you’ll find me wanting to tackle them. Topping that list though would be Catwoman, Lois, Batman, Night Force, Superman, Green Lantern, Legion, any of the Justice League or Suicide Squad…waaaait…I’ve just mentioned everyone, haven’t I?!

Unofficial art by Mile Perkins to give you a taste of what’s to come.

OM: Well, when you do have something concrete, do get back to us, Mike. Any writers you’d love to work with at DC?
MP: They have some wonderful writers there – and I tend to follow writers on comics rather than characters. I think Tom King is producing some remarkable work. I’m hoping I’ll get the chance to collaborate with Greg Rucka again (we teamed up for a Captain America short story and he’s always been one of my favourite scribes). I’ve never had the chance to work with Bendis – perhaps now I will. There’s too many to mention without leaving too many out!
OM: And, do you have any urge to maybe take up the pen yourself and have a go at writing maybe, like fellow stablemate Liam Sharp?
MP: It’s not in any immediate plans – I enjoy the collaborative process – but if Liam feels the need to write something for us to team up together on, I’d be more than open to that! Both coming from The Midlands we could have our own “The Bostin’ and The Bold” arc.
OM: Finally, then, it’s never been a better time to work at DC? What with the wealth of books, the return of Superman’s red undies and the brave new worlds of The Terrifics as well as the return of The Sandman universe too. Personally, I’ve not been this excited as a reader since, well, Crisis On Infinite Earths, John Byrne’s Superman and Moore’s Watchmen. Yourself?
MP: I was working a Saturday job in a comic shop when all those books hit and, as a wide-eyed 15 year old,  it was a fabulous time to be a fan of DC. This, undoubtedly, has the same feel, except that I’m now on the other side of the page!
Catwoman: Private commission

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