Behold Gerard Way’s Nightmarish Version Of Batman In Kingdom Of The Mad

by Tito W. James

Gerard Way is a former My Chemical Romance band member who’s gone on to make a killing in the comic book world. Way is currently spearheading DC’s Young Animal line of comics and his cult favorite comic, Umbrella Academy is getting a new chapter and a Netflix TV show.
DC’s Batman: Black and White line of collectables is also producing two statues based on character designs for Way’s unpublished miniseries entitled Batman: Kingdom of the Mad.

After doing a bit of digging, I’ve come to the conclusion that Kingdom of the Mad is possibly one of the strangest, darkest, and coolest interpretations of the Dark Knight Detective.

In Way’s world, Bruce Wayne was institutionalized in Arkham Asylum after his parents’ murder. Robin would also be in the story but he wouldn’t be crazy.

Bruce really thinks he’s a bat to the point of hanging up-side-down and eating rats. Bruce’s madness is so severe that’s he’s convinced he has physic abilities–and maybe he does–we can never know for sure.
Batman’s cape has an intricate map of the “kingdom”–some type of magical realm that Batman seeks to enter like heaven or Valhalla.
This map might allude to the title, Kingdom of The Mad. If this version of Batman is really psychic–the last place he wants to be is Arkham Asylum. He might need a map to help him escape the psychosis of the other inmates.
Speaking of other inmates, no Batman story is complete without his rogues gallery.
Below are concept sketches for Two Face, Penguin, Riddler, Freeze and The Joker.

“I’m Mr. Freeze!I like to dress up as my dead wife in armor I sculpted out of scrap-metal from her car accident!”-Gerard Way.

Way mentioned that Catwoman would also appear in the book. I think Mad Hatter, Clayface, and Scarecrow would also fit into Way’s world. As of right now, Batman: Kingdom of the Mad is taking a backseat to Way’s other projects. DC Collectables statues of Batman and the Joker will be released this November 2018.

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