Tommy Wiseau’s Mock Joker Audition Yields Surprising Results

by Erik Amaya

Now view the awe and splendor of Tommy Wiseau’s Joker.
The Nerdist decided to take The Room auteur Tommy Wiseau at his word when he claimed he wanted to audition for the Joker in Todd Phillips upcoming Joker Origins film. Caking him in white make-up and dressing him in the Heath Ledger Joker costume, Tommy gives a rather compelling performance. Well, compelling when he goes off-script. His Wiseau style improvisations could be chilling in the hands of the right filmmaker. Even Tommy’s “American” accent aids the strangeness of the performance. But, perhaps, the best thing about the audition is his scene-partner’s take on The Batman.

According to reports, Joaquin Phoenix is the studio’s number one pick for the role despite earlier reports indicating the Joker Origins project would feature a younger Joker in a 1980s setting. No matter who ends up with the role, the project will be a separate entity from the DC Films universe, which means Phoenix or Wiseau’s choices would not interfere with those of canonical Joker Jared Leto.
Oh, I finally get the joke in this whole affair!
As Tommy mentioned in the video, you can see his masterwork, The Room, at your theater or purchase it wherever fine disc media is sold.

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