Barbarella’s Back – Preview The Dangers Of Relationship Protocols In Issue #4

by Hannah Means Shannon

This week, the fourth issue of Barbarella arrives from Dynamite, written by Mike Carey an drawn in an engaging European style by Jorge Fornés.

In this issue, we’ve just seen Barbarella avert a galactic war, but she’s still in search of a “null-d regulator”, so she’s going to hitch a ride on a cargo transport, which may not be as safe as it sounds. Space pirates and relationships may be the biggest dangers she’s yet faced!
Here’s our preview for this week’s issue:

The covers this week are by Stephane Roux (A), Vincent Aseo (B), Stephanie Hans (C), Goran Sudžuka (D), Kenan Yarar (E-Sub), Stephane Roux (RI-B/W), and Vincent Aseo (RI-Virgin). 

Look out for Barbarella #4 in shops on Wednesday, March 14th, from Dynamite Entertainment.

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