‘Strange Creatures, Urban Decay & Dark Humor’ : John Allison And Christine Larsen Launch ‘By Night’ At Boom! Studios

by Hannah Means Shannon

In what is huge news for John Allison fans, the Giant Days and Bad Machinery creator is launching a brand new monthly series at Boom! Studios with Adventure Time artist Christine Larsen.
The twelve-issue series By Night is reputedly “about coming home, discovering identity, and accidentally smashing a hole to another dimension”.

In By Night, an “aspiring documentarian” who’s actually a chemistry major, Jane, returns home from college and is reunited with her former best friend Heather, who is an “amateur urban explorer”. When exploring an abandoned building, they discover a black hole to another dimension and decide to try to become rich by making a documentary about it. But monsters and magic lurk on the other side of the hole, so there’s plenty of allure in finding a new life for themselves.

John Allison says:

BY NIGHT combines my love of Fringe, the X-Files, Jon Ronson documentaries and long reads about the collapse of post-Industrial western society. It’s about going home after college and seeing your home town, and your old friends, through opened eyes. I should also add that it will contain plenty of jokes, dads, mild peril and ludicrous beasts that will almost certainly obscure any lofty intellectual ambitions I might have. And I’m so excited to be working with Christine Larsen on the book, a true star with pencil and pen. Readers are going to love her art.

Christine Larsen adds:

John has written a story with everything I like: interesting female protagonists, strange creatures, urban decay, and sharp humor. I’m psyched to be on this adventure with him, and hope readers will feel the same.

By Night #1, featuring a main cover by Christine Larsen and a variant cover by John Allison, will be available for sale at local comic book shops (use comicshoplocator.com to find the nearest one) on June 13th, 2018. Digital copies of will be available to purchase on digital book marketplaces, including ComiXology, iBooks, Google Books, and the BOOM! Studios app.

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