“A Cosmic Conflict Of Unimaginable Proportions” – Rick Veitch’s The One #2 From IDW

by Olly MacNamee

With colours produced by Rick Veitch’s own son, Kirby Veitch (cool name, right?) the second sizzling issue (must be the radiation) of this remastered latter-day Cold War classic is out Wednesday, the 14th of March from IDW.

Waking from the Big Sleep, our post-nuclear family has a mysterious houseguest called The One. But when his ancient nemesis appears, they find themselves ensnared in a cosmic conflict of unimaginable proportions. Meanwhile, with all atomic weapons disabled by The Double, the American military unveils their long-secret super-soldier project… and then the Soviet military fast-tracks its own program based on untested Nazi Übermensch technology.

As ever, here’s our preview of this week’s issue

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