Meet Battle Princess Cleo And So Many Moon Men In Cosmo #3

by James Ferguson

Cosmo and his Martian crew came to the moon to answer a simple distress beacon. Now they’re battle mutated moon people and the Battle Princess Cleo from Venus. Max Strongjaw, Cosmo, and Jojo stay behind while the rest of the team tries to make a cure, but will they be able to hold these forces off long enough?

Cosmo #3 has a lot of the same points as the previous issue, as the battle against the wave of moon men continues. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it’s still a lot of fun. It just feels like it’s rehashing some stuff we’ve already seen. The one new element is Cleo, who may be behind this whole mess. It’s clear that she knows Cosmo although we don’t know how just yet.
The dynamic between Cosmo and Max is always funny. Max has such a distorted view of aliens that seems to be based solely on old sci-fi movies. Although they’re fighting side-by-side, he still has one eye on the Martian, fearing that the alien might eat him or something. The two share a moment of camaraderie on the battlefield, finally appreciating each other’s talents. This is short-lived as they have to quickly fight for their lives again.

Jojo, the alien dog is a nice addition to this battle as he’s a shapeshifter. He takes the form of a big flyswatter which Max uses to slap away the rush of moon men. It’s funny to see his fox-like head peaking out of the bottom of the handle.
Artist Tracy Yardley keeps the battle fresh and exciting with varied camera angles. The panel layout raises the tension as laser beams fly every which way. Some of the images feel like they’re flying off the page.

It’s interesting to see the designs for the different races. The Martians have a signature look that is very different from Cleo, and presumably the rest of the people from Venus. I’m curious how this compares to the structures of each world. For now, it’s enough to differentiate them from one another, which is helpful for children that would be reading this book too. Both Cosmo and Max have a very space age look and feel to them.
Writer Ian Flynn provides some time with some of the extended crew, learning a bit more of their personalities. I’m glad that these other characters are getting fleshed out a bit more so we’re not solely focused on Cosmo. It’s clear that they all work well together, like a space-faring family of adventurers. They complement one another both on and off the field.

Cosmo is still the Saturday morning cartoon I never had, but in comic book form. It’s fast-paced, light, and fun with some great gags and expressive artwork. Much of this issue is made up of the battle on the moon which we’ve seen a large amount of already. Fortunately, this chapter ends with a great cliffhanger that’s sure to shake things up in the next issue.
Cosmo #3 is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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