Deadly Class #32 Is An Insane Action Movie On Steroids

by James Ferguson

On one side, there’s a horde of Yakuza soldiers. On the other side, there’s the ruthless Victor and Brandy. There’s no easy way out of this for Marcus and the other kids from Kings Dominion School for Assassins. Get ready for a total bloodbath.

Oh, I am so happy that Deadly Class is back. This is one of my favorite comics and it’s easy to see why with just a glimpse at the interior artwork. Wes Craig is an absolute master. His pencils in Deadly Class #32 are nothing short of magnificent. Everything about it is firing on all cylinders, from the composition, to the panel layout, to the expressions of each character. There were several times while reading this that I had to just sit there and marvel at the artwork. Craig drew this with his hands. It was made by a human and it is insane.
There are points throughout Deadly Class #32 that if you turn the comic just right, blood and bullet casings might fall out of its pages. There is a crazy amount of violence in this book. It’s non-stop from beginning to end. Marcus is forced to work with Victor and Brandy if he wants to make it out alive, so picture the carnage that three highly trained students (who were literally going to school to become assassins) can unleash upon a never-ending stream of Yakuza gang members.

Marcus points out that this scene reminds him of a Frank Miller comic and the artwork definitely backs that up. The Yakuza soldiers are similar in design to the mutants seen in The Dark Knight Returns, complete with pointed teeth and Cyclops-like visors.
Colorist Jordan Boyd makes every bit of violence pop off the page, like little explosions of gunfire and blood. This contrasts nicely with the evening setting. It’s an otherwise peaceful night with cool blues and soft light coming in from the street. All that changes when the characters fly onto the scene, unleashing Hell.

There are several jaw-dropping double-page spreads that really showcase the action sequences. These are interspersed with pages full of panels that practically look like they’re moving. Craig guides the eye through each panel, allowing you to take in every single sword slice and gun firing. If you read this on ComiXology, it will probably look like a motion comic with how the images flow.
While the action itself is top notch and completely worth the cost of entry, the personal moments between the characters elevate Deadly Class to a new level. We’ve become invested in these people and now their lives are on the line. Every bullet that flies through the air is a chance for one of them to drop and for their story to end.

In typical Deadly Class fashion, the issue ends in a helluva cliffhanger. Writer Rick Remender has paced this incredibly well. Deadly Class is packed with energy, action, and absolutely gorgeous artwork. It is a testament to the kind of dynamic and inspiring storytelling that this medium is capable of. In short, it’s awesome.
Deadly Class #32 is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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