Unicorn Wars Delivers A Delightfully Disturbing New Trailer

by Tito W. James

From twisted visionary Alberto Vazquez (Bird Boy) comes a new animated film about teddy bears warring against unicorns.

Teddy bears and unicorns have been at war since time immemorial. Pooh soldier Celestin covets the blood of unicorns to be eternally beautiful, as predicted by the sacred book of the new religion. His brother Bouboule is not made for war. He is unsure of himself, obsessed with food and only wants to be loved by his brother. The cubs regiment leaves the training camp for a mission that will trigger the terrible final battle.

Vazquez’s pitch-black humor, religious satire, and vibrant art are all on display. Unicorn Wars appears to have a more cohesive premise than the dreamlike Bird Boy. The ludicrous concept has potential for cultural commentary about how societies train boys to become killers. Or it could just be a bloody, crazy comedy.
Also be sure check out Vazquez’s previous film Bird Boy: The Forgotten Children now available on Blu-ray.

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