He Still Loves Chocolate Pretzels: Round Table With GoTG’s Michael Rooker [VIDEO]

by Olly MacNamee

I must admit, Michael Rooker was an amazing booking for this Spring’s MCM Comic Con in Birmingham, along with GoTG alumnus, Sean Gunn. Taking the mic to the fans in his two panels over the weekend – walking amongst them and gleaning questions – when he turned up at the very cozy press conference, I was lucky enough to be sitting right under his nose as he entertained the press pack. And, he didn’t disappoint. It was a great experience and Rooker was a true gent and raconteur both on and off stage.
So, talking chocolate covered pretzels, The Walking Dead and that Mary Poppins line in Guardians of the Galaxy, here’s Rooker in his own words.

And, if you enjoyed that, come back round these here parts some time soon for the Sean Gunn Round Table too.

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