A Famous Story With A Lot Of Monsters Updated: Pandora’s Legacy From Boom! Studios

by Hannah Means Shannon

Boom! Studios have announced a new OGN arriving in November 2018 as Pandora’s Legacy, from writer Kara Leopard ([Super]natural Attraction) and the art duo of Kelly & Nichole Matthews (Jim Henson’s Power of The Dark Crystal) arriving in stores November 2018.

In this new OGN, a family vacation “goes sideways” when Charlie, Janet, and Trevor Panagakos accidentally break a jar hidden in the woods and discover that they are descendants of Pandora, who are supposed to protect her vessel. On the run from monsters, they need to find a way to capture them and save their family from disaster. And there’s talking cats. It’s also a story with twins by twins.

The book is based on a successful Kickstarter campaign that featured an illustrated field guide to the story’s mythological monsters.
Kara Leopard says:

PANDORA’S LEGACY combines my love for scary stories, mythology, and family. It’s about younger siblings getting in over their heads. They have to rely on their own resources and knowledge to save the day…with the help of a possessed talking cat, of course. Kelly and Nichole are the perfect team to bring this world to life. Not to mention a story with twins, by twins and drawn by twins just sounds kind of awesome.

Kelly & Nichole Matthews add:

We have wanted to do something with Kara for ages, so when they approached us for PANDORA’S LEGACY we jumped at the chance to work with them. The story includes so many things we love to draw; fantastical creatures, cinematic landscapes and a building mystery. We can’t wait to show everyone how the world and story unfolds.

Print copies of Pandora’s Legacy will be available for sale in November 2018 at local comic book shops (use comicshoplocator.com to find the nearest one), bookstores or at the Boom! Studios webstore. Digital copies can be purchased from content providers, including comiXology, iBooks, Google Play, and the Boom! Studios app.

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