Krypton Season Promo Claims There Is More To The Story

by Erik Amaya

While the first episode of Krypton only hints at the potential for the series to feature interesting cosmic characters and build a tale all its own, the season preview following the debut episode suggests there’s more to the story. In fact, they make it pretty clear the characters in the first episode will become “more” as the show progresses. That’s a natural evolution for a TV series, of course, but to see a bold declaration like “There’s More To Adam Strange” on television means the series is setting up a few expectations it must deliver on.

Between the House of Zod, the House of Vex and Seg’s (Cameron Cuffe) attempt to restore the House of El, the series would be on pretty solid footing as a Man of Steel prequel. But by including Brainiac (Blake Riston) and Strange (Shaun Sipos), it opens up all of space to the series, even if it moves away from being a prequel to do it. And if that means we get Brainiac’s son Vril Dox onto television for the first time, I can’t say no to that. Well, provided the show finds its voice quickly. But as I said up top, there is potential here. The show is mining a corner of the DC Universe rarely explored on television and I, for one, definitely hope there is more to the story.
Krypton airs Wednesdays on Syfy.

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