Madden ’18 Ultimate League Week 6: The Legend Conference Playoffs Are Set

by Gary Catig

The regular season for the Legend Conference came to an end after Week 6. When it was all said and done, six teams advanced to the playoffs. Everyone was jockeying for position because how well they did in their last games determined what seed they would be. This week’s featured games had the leaders of both divisions in action as Drini took on Fox Echo Joke and Problem faced Dubby. Like usual, both games were played simultaneously, but a far majority of the television coverage focused on the first match up.
Joke received the kick off and ran it back to his 30-yard line. He dinked and dunked his way to his opponent’s 30-yard line. On third down and nine, Joke threw a short pass that was caught, but Drini came in with a big hit. He forced a fumble and was able to scoop it up and run it back for six points.  At the end of the first quarter, Drini had yet to run an offensive play, but was already up 7 – 0.
Joke’s second possession of the game ended in another turnover. Two minutes into the second quarter, he went for it on fourth and seven. He ended up throwing a pass that was intercepted by Drini.  On Drini’s first time on offense, he was able to turn his second takeaway into three points resulting in a double-digit lead. At least Joke didn’t end the half scoreless. After he received another kick off, he ran a successful two-minute drill that lead to a made field goal. The competitors went into the break with the score 10 – 3, Drini.
Drini started the second half with the ball. Joke had a huge defensive stop with back to back sacks, forcing his opponent to punt. He had a short field to overcome beginning his drive on Drini’s 36-yard line.  Two plays later, Joke was in the end zone after a 24-yard pass, tying the game 10 – 10. Drini responded on the ensuing possession. He would go 64-yards down the field ending with a big 63-yard touchdown pass, retaking the lead. Joke would start his next drive in good field position after a 35-yard return. He made his way into the red zone and would score on the ground after a 4-yard run.  After an eventful third quarter, the score was tied 17 -17.
A minute and a half into the fourth quarter, Joke had a good defensive stand forcing Drini to kick a field goal to take a slim lead. The next possession would be so important, that for the first time this season, they showed double box coverage of the same game. Viewers could see both offensive and defensive perspectives. Joke would eat up a lot of clock and kick a field goal of his own with only 30 seconds to spare. The final quarter would end in a tie causing overtime.
In the extra period, Joke won the coin toss and had first crack to win the game. Unfortunately, one minute in he was picked off by Drini. Two plays later, the game was over as Drini had a 49-yard touchdown run. By winning this game, Drini would be the top of his conference, earning a first round bye in the post season.
An overtime game is an exciting way to end the Legend Conference season. Drini and Problem were the top in their respective divisions receiving first round byes in the playoffs. You can see all the Week 6 results below and the final standings and seeds for the Legend Conference. It is interesting to see how long a layoff this conference has before the post season starts. The players will not have played a significant game for more than a month since the playoffs begin for them on April 21st. People could lose the momentum they have been gaining with such a long wait. Also, the playoffs don’t seem too much of an accomplishment if 75% of the teams make it.
Week 7 brings in whole new competitors as the Elite Conference will be in action.
Week 6 Scores:
Dot City K-Aus vs Tweez                                27 – 14
True vs Musafa Jones                                     20 – 5
Dot City K-Aus vs Echo Fox Joke                   10 – 7
Problem vs True                                             31 – 14
Drini vs Echo Fox Joke                                    26 – 20
Problem vs Dubby                                          17 – 13
Standings After Week 6:

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