Jason David Frank Stars As Lord Drakkon In Kyle Higgin’s Shattered Grid Prelude

by James Ferguson

The mega-event “Shattered Grid” is set to kick off in this week’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #25 and I cannot wait. To add to the anticipation, writer Kyle Higgins, wrote, directed, and produced a special prelude short which you can find below. It features Lord Drakkon – the evil alternate reality version of Tommy Oliver set to destroy the Power Rangers throughout time and space – played by Jason David Frank himself.

The Shattered Grid Prelude was also produced by Jason David Frank, J.J. Vazquez, and Ramon Palermo. It features music by Ron Wasserman, production design by Calder Greenwood, sound by Matthew E. Taylor, VFX by VFX Legion, editing by Alec Siegel, title design by Joshua McDonald, and cinematography by Michael Nie.
Shattered Grid” will be running through the two main Power Rangers comics (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Go Go Power Rangers) from BOOM! Studios, as well as a special one-shot. This event lands during the 25th Anniversary of the Power Rangers franchise and is just one part of the celebration. This week will also see the release of an artist tribute book from BOOM! Studios.

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