Mad Max Set In Middle Earth – The Realm Vol. 1

by Brendan M. Allen

Fifteen years ago, our world was overrun by creatures of myth; orcs, dragons, and other nameless horrors threw the entire planet into total chaos. Today, the shattered remnants of civilization must fight just to survive in a deadly new era of violence and mayhem. While a powerful sorcerer marshals his forces, a group of warriors embark on a journey to reclaim our world from the growing darkness. An all new high-fantasy adventure series from co-creators SETH M. PECK (X-Men) and JEREMY HAUN (THE BEAUTY) featuring colors by NICK FILARDI and letters by THOMAS MAUER.

At first glance, The Realm is a story we’ve seen many times. Seth Peck and Jeremy Haun serve up a post-apocalyptic wasteland, teeming with feudal warlords and mercenaries. Then they take a sharp left by throwing orcs, dragons, and dark rites into the mix.

The cowboy on the cover with the six-shooter and the hand-and-a-half? That’s Nolan. His aptitude with a bolt action and a six piece gets him a commission from a warlord named King to retrieve King’s “daughter” from a situation that calls for a little more than a strong cup of coffee and negotiation skills. It doesn’t take long to go completely sideways.

Seth Peck shows a steady hand, not throwing too many characters or elements at us too quickly. The opening sequences deliver heavily on the post-apocalyptic bits, setting up the basic infrastructure and relationships. The magic, orcs, and beasties are introduced gradually, and the script flows so smoothly you hardly notice the tone shift.

Jeremy Haun really showcases his range, bringing The Realm to life. Haun’s attention to detail is evident in the action scenes and subtle facial cues, but he also gives a strong sense of place in the vast post-apocalyptic cityscapes. You can almost feel the dirt under your nails and smell the decay. The Realm is beautiful, in a filthy, bloody Mad Max/LOTR kind of way.

If you’re into TWD, D&D, fantasy, post-apocalyptic horror nonsense, you definitely want to pick up this book. If you’re lucky enough to see these dudes at a con or store signing, grab the special edition hardcover for only $40 (while supplies last), with a digital download of the Me Like Bees EP, Songs From The Realm. For the rest of us, the TPB will be on shelves on the 28th of March, 2018.

The Realm TPB, collects chapters 1-5, published by Image Comics, releases 28 March 2018. Co-creators Seth Peck and Jeremy Haun provide the script and artwork. Colors are done by Nick Filardi. Thomas Mauer pulls lettering duties.

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