Janson And Raimondi’s Sacred Creatures Collected This May From Image Comics

by Olly MacNamee

Writer Pablo Raimondi teams up with comic book legend, Klaus Janson, to offer a collected edition of the first 6 issues of their ongoing series, Sacred Creatures, coming May 23rd from Image Comics. Having missed this series the first time round, I think I’ll be picking this up as it hits all my buttons in terms of storyline and art.
Here’s what I know:

When the supernatural forces maintaining the fragile balance of power in this world start to unravel, Josh Miller, a young college grad and expectant father, is caught in the middle of a vast conspiracy threatening to tear apart the foundations of humanity as we know it. As myth and reality collide, Josh finds himself on the frontline of a battle against an enemy dating back to the beginning of time itself.

Now you know, too.

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