Let’s Give Comic Posters More Availability

by Benjamin Hall

Various disasters such as the 2017 hurricanes made me realize that if something happened, I could only replace so many physical things. Now, while I don’t have a serious collection of any kind, I do have some things that are hard to replace. One such thing is my Starman poster which shows a consolidated image of six covers from the series Starman (1994-2001). Online sites and physical locations, such as conventions, can be used to reacquire things, but tracking such an old poster down will increase in difficulty the more time goes by. So I thought for a bit and have come to the idea of posters being given a type of second chance.

There are three different ways this could be done. The first way involves a print-on-demand option that companies could use either in-house (Ex. Something like the Warner Archive) or by licensing out for another company to do. While the second way would involve a limited re-release every few years, such as the Re-Action figures, or the Disney Vault method. The last method would be doing a survey or polling every few months, or on an annual basis, via social media for releases. After figuring the results and accounting for any possible tampering with the results, a reprint of the winner could be created.
As for the issue of creative rights, such as who owns copyright, and whether what the original contracts stipulates has any effect on the reprints, others in the industry would need to figure that out. What I can say is that I am of the opinion that smaller companies, and creators with lesser funding, should use the on-demand option. If they are not sure about what to reprint or whether the demand exists, they can first apply the survey method.
Finally, I suggest that any possible attempts come with a way of visually identifying if a poster is a reprint. Sort of like how comics and books have second edition and/or print mentioned in them.

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