C2E2 Debut: Super Powers Without The Heroes In Achilles Inc.

by James Ferguson

What happens when people get super powers but don’t do anything good with them? Well, if you’re Peter Parker, you’ll inadvertently kill your uncle. In Achilles Inc. we’ll see a world where the super-powered community use their abilities to exploit humanity and destroy the world economy. The new four-issue mini-series comic Comics Experience and Source Point Press is set to debut at C2E2 next weekend.

Achilles, Inc. is written by Andy Schmidt and illustrated by Daniel Maine, Francesca Zambon, and Marco Della Verde. It follows Ransom Yeong, an ex-cop who steps right into the middle of a class-war between the “Boosters” and the “Duds.” He’s not alone in his crusade as he finds Kyra, a talented attorney determined to help, Mishy, his sharp-tongued administrative assistant, and Dani, a booster with electricity-control abilities. All of them feel powerless in the new world order and together they craft a plan to take advantage of their oppressors’ weaknesses to restore freedom to the world.
Writer Andy Schmidt says:

I was wrestling with ideals and ideas about society when I wrote this series. We were fostering a young girl and a little boy at the time and I was confronted with a system that’s both helpful but also makes things more difficult for certain types of people, through no fault of their own. Achilles Inc. is a metaphor for many of those ideas, but ultimately, I hope it’s just a lot of fun for people to read, whether any of the social stuff comes through or not. If it doesn’t entertain, it’s missed the mark.

Artist Daniel Maine adds:

Working on Achilles Inc. was really fun, and learning experience for me. It was my first step in doing a full miniseries as the main artist and also gave me the opportunity to develop my creative process and design characters and costumes. Also, I really think the idea of this world, with the Boosters and our heroes, is really interesting, with a lot of possibilities! I cannot wait for people to enjoy our work.

All four issues of Achilles Inc. will be available at the Source Point Press booth at C2E2. If you’re not going to the show, you’ll be able to pick them up through retailers who carry Source Point Press publications, at Source Point’s future convention appearances, and their online store. You’ll also be able to grab the book digitally through comiXology.

Achilles Inc. is one of the first four titles coming from the publishing partnership between Comics Experience and Source Point Press. The others include The Family Graves, Grief, and Wretched Things. The partnership gives alumni from Comics Experience’s Creators Workshop, education courses, and mentorships the opportunity to have their comics published and distributed.

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