New Mutants Reshoots Reported To Add Scares To The Film’s First Half

by Erik Amaya


The saga of making The New Mutants may be more entertaining than the film itself.
Sources tell The Tracking Board that the delays surrounding the film stem from that horror-tinged teaser 20th Century Fox released some months ago and the success of Warner Bros. Pictures’ It. Despite director Josh Boone’s interest in making a horror film with X-Men characters, the studio was unsure and all agreed to a YA style film with a few horror elements. Then It did big business and the teaser was well-received despite leaning harder into horror than the film Boone delivered. Fox decided to delay the film and schedule more extensive reshoots than originally planned to make it the movie Boone wanted to make in the first place.
Such is the way of Hollywood sometimes.
According to the report, the plan revolves around adding scares to the first half of the film while “the second half of New Mutants is basically locked at this point.” Although, before the shift to horror became the priority, a plan to alter the ending was already in place. Part of that original concept would have seen Jon Hamm appearing as Mr. Sinister in the film’s stinger scene. The site’s sources say that plan has been scrapped entirely with Fox courting Antonio Banderas to play a different X-Men villain. It seems Sinister has slipped through the audience’s fingers again.
Curiously, the delay is being characterized as molding the film closer to the director’s original intentions than a chaotic event typified by most delayed projects or the chaos in Lucasfilm’s Star Wars Story brand. It remains to be seen if these new reports are accurate or just an attempt to put out the fire of bad press. As a general rule, a movie losing two release dates and getting pushed back over a year from its planned release is rarely a good sign.
The New Mutants is currently set for release on August 2nd, 2019.

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