Giant Days #37 Is A Pitch Perfect Daisy-Centric Issue

by James Ferguson

The girls’ second year at university ended with a bang. Now they’re off until the new school year starts and there’s a lot to occupy Esther, Daisy, and Susan. The biggest fallout comes from Daisy, who returns home to a chilly reception from her grandmother. After Daisy broke up with her, Ingrid called the elderly woman looking for her, and revealed they were in a relationship, which came as a total surprise.

What follows is an emotional journey as Daisy’s grandmother goes through the stages of acceptance. She’s angry at first, and then gives the poor girl the silent treatment. Daisy has no idea why this is happening, so after two weeks of this, she gets desperate and attempts to eat an entire box of cereal in one sitting. This is an impressive ultimatum. She looks at her grandmother manically while pouring milk into a huge pile of cereal saying “I’ll stop when you start talking!”
Daisy’s grandmother is mean when they first start talking, and this then turns to disappointment. She says some hurtful things that ultimately drive Daisy away. This could not have come at a worse time as Daisy is still figuring out who she is. She just went through a rough breakup from her first ever girlfriend. Now she’s come home to her emotional rock only to find it falling apart in front of her.

Artist Max Sarin handles this roller coaster incredibly well. There’s still a fair amount of humor, such as the aforementioned cereal incident. It quickly moves to tough heart-to-heart conversations where Daisy is left stunned and her grandmother is hurt. The final image is of the empty kitchen, the chairs askew and milk dripping on the floor. It’s a perfect closer to the sequence and before you ask, no one cried over the spilt milk.
We get a peek into the post-school lives of Esther and Susan, as Daisy turns to her friends for help and guidance. She takes pieces of their advice to ultimately figure out her own path.  This comes in the form of direct interaction over the phone and in person…and then Daisy gets a brainstorm while Susan talks in her sleep.

Since she won’t be living with Ingrid next year, she has to find new housing. This reminds us that this town is full of weirdos and writer John Allison brings a bunch of them out. There are so many personalities at work here, and their interactions with Daisy are hilarious. Sarin and colorist Whitney Cogar give each of these a unique flair, ranging from shady to creepy to plain bizarre. You could do an entire story on any one of these characters. For example, one of them is clearly wearing a fake beard and novelty glasses and nose. What’s his deal?

Ultimately, Daisy forges ahead, coming out of the downward spiral she got into after the breakup with Ingrid. She’s stronger now than ever before and fortunately, her grandmother comes back for a perfect closer that tugs on the heartstrings. Allison hits all the marks with this Daisy-centric issue.
Giant Days #37 is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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