Singularity Jain Returns In Green Lanterns #44

by James Ferguson

A few months ago in Green Lanterns, it was revealed that Jessica Cruz’s ring was somewhat sentient and showed feelings for her. Since then I’ve been wondering when this plot thread would be picked up again. Based on the cover and solicitation information, it looked like Green Lanterns #44 would be it, but that doesn’t really reflect the contents. Instead, we get the return of the awesome villain, Singularity Jain, last seen in issue #36.  It looks like we might still see the ring angle play out in this story arc.

When the Lanterns get a lead on Jain’s location in their sector, they rush out to arrest her.  Jain is manipulative and powerful, using her victims to kill for her, while still maintaining some plausible deniability. Jessica and Simon handle this by the book, but the book doesn’t have rules that can handle someone like Jain.
Simon gets wrapped up with Jain’s latest victim, a transforming machine named Gage looking to maintain custody of his daughter. Meanwhile, Jessica is left alone with the villain and they get to talking. Jessica is in a somewhat fragile state of mind after jetting out from a meeting with her therapist. Despite her progress, she’s still haunted by her post-traumatic stress disorder and agoraphobia. Jain works on that, picking at Jessica’s insecurities.

Writer Tim Seeley plays this well, leaving out some of the details of their conversation so you’re not entirely sure what happens, or whether or not Jessica fell into Jain’s trap. It keeps the tension high as Simon is fighting a big robot. You have action on his side and intrigue on hers, which makes for a nice balance. It also makes me wonder what would have happened had they switched places.
Artist Ronan Cliquet brings humanity to the robot Gage. You can see how down and desperate he is. His machine heart is full of love for his young child and all he wants is to keep her safe and close. Through some mistakes he’s made, he’s about to be separated from his kid and that’s heartbreaking, especially since it seems like some of his problems were out of his control. This emotion contrasts with Gage’s large and militaristic physical presence. He looks like he would rip your heart out if given the opportunity, but in reality, he’s a caring father…that just happens to have big missile launchers on his back.

As comforting as Gage is, Jain is the complete opposite. She is evil through and through.  Everything about her feels slimy and menacing. It’s telling that Jessica wraps her up like Hannibal Lector, complete with muzzle. As powerful as she is, her words can cause far more damage.

We have definitely not seen the last of Singularity Jain. She presents a very real threat to not only the Green Lantern Corps, but to Jessica and Simon specifically. While we get a nice dose of action, that takes a back seat to the moral quandary Jessica finds herself in. As she’s become my favorite Green Lantern over the course of this series, I’m reading this arc with bated breath.
Green Lanterns #44 is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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