C2E2 2018: Halt And Catch Fire Showrunner Writes ‘She Could Fly’ For Berger Books

by Hannah Means Shannon

In the lead up to C2E2 this week in Chicago, Dark Horse has made a number of announcements, and one is that the Berger Books imprint will be moving forward with all-new content, including new series She Could Fly.
Writer Christopher Cantwell, co-creator/showrunner of AMC’s Halt and Catch Fire, and artist Martín Morazzo (Nighthawk, Elektra, Ice Cream Man) will unite to tell a strange tale of the Flying Woman in She Could Fly. They are joined by Miroslav Mrva on color.

She Could Fly begins in Chicago, when “an unknown woman, flying at speeds of 120 miles per hour and at heights reaching 2,000 feet, suddenly dies in a fiery explosion mid-air”.
Dark Horse says:

No one knows who she was, how she flew, or why. Some think it was a government program. Some think it was foreign surveillance. Some think it was all fake. Some are even convinced that it was a religious, transcendent experience happening on earth.

Enter Luna Brewster, a disturbed 15-year-old girl, who becomes obsessed with learning about this woman. If she can solve this mystery, will it help her overcome her troubled mind?
The first issue of She Could Fly contains 32-pages of story and retails for $4.99. She Could Fly #1 goes on sale July 11, 2018, and is available for preorder at your local comic shop.

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