Markosia Drops More ’90s Action Nostalgia With More Identity Stunt

by James Ferguson

Last month saw the debut of Identity Stunt from Markosia Enterprises. The comic follows Sami “Sam” Nasser, a professional stuntman who is mistakenly outed as Studio City’s unhinged vigilante, Beatdown by the villain Dominous Smith. Now his family is in danger and the cops are bringing him in for questioning. In the second issue, set for release on April 9th, bionically-enhanced assassins Pummel Deen and Jackknife Julie are looking to take out the man they think is Beatdown.

Identity Stunt is written by Joe R. Khachadourian and illustrated by J. Briscoe Allison. It features cover art by Tone Rodriguez. The series blends the all-out insanity of ’80s and ’90s action movies with a bit of romance and a healthy amount of super heroics. We’ve all heard a hero exclaim that they can’t reveal their secret identity out of fear for their family and loved ones. Here we’re seeing that play out, but it’s the wrong guy! That certainly adds a unique twist to it.
New series artist J. Briscoe Allison says:

After reading the first issue, then the script for the second, I knew – immediately — that I had to work on this book. It was like Joe had peaked inside my head (and heart to a high degree) and wrote a story that he knew I would fall in love with. As an artist, I really wanted to cut loose on something fast-paced with a lot of action, and Identity Stunt delivers on that in spades. And with dialogue this sharp and witty…to put it mildly, I’m having a ball!

Identity Stunt #2 is currently available for pre-order at the official store and on ComiXology for $1.99. Issue #1 is also available. A trade paperback will collect the first four issues this summer.

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