Star Wars Cover Variant: John Tyler Christopher Puts A Bounty On Bossk’s Head

by Olly MacNamee

This Thursday 12th April at 6pm (EST) you can get yourselves over to John Tyler Christopher’s website store and pre-order the next Star Wars figure variant cover straight from the main man himself.
Featuring everyone’s favourite scaly bad boy bounty hunter, Bossk, this one has been a long time coming for many as he says:

Well, this has been a long time coming! The day after the release of Boba Fett, WAY back for issue 4; the first question I had was when can I do Bossk.

And now, several story arcs and many issue later, it’s here. And, the fans are not the only ones stoked for this release.

Bossk is one of my favorites. As a kid, he was probably my favorite of the original action figures, and right up there with the Rancor as one of my most cherished childhood toys. When I played as a kid, there was a good chance it was Bossk and the Rancor doing some awesome adventures. I would be willing to bet, that those two got played with more than any toys I’ve ever owned.

For more on this limited edition variant and how you can order, head on over to JTC’s official site here. Orders will begin shipping April 20th.
Happy hunting!

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