The Mysteries Of The Black Barn Heighten In Gideon Falls #2

by Brendan M. Allen

The brand-new supernatural mystery series by the acclaimed team of JEFF LEMIRE and ANDREA SORRENTINO (Old Man Logan, Green Arrow) continues. The mysteries of the “Black Barn” heighten as the reclusive Norton begins to unravel new clues just as a murder spree breaks out in the town of Gideon Falls. But how is it all connected?! The puzzle pieces begin to fall.

Well, that escalated quickly. Father Quinn is in the clink, suspected in the gruesome murder of Gene Tremblay. The circumstances that led to his discovering the body are bizarre. Throw in his alcoholic tendencies and personal demons that led to his assignment in the small rural parish, and the police are having a hard time accepting his innocence.
Meanwhile, Norton’s having a hard time keeping it together. Dr. Xu is putting the pressure on, knowing he’s holding out on her. If Norton can’t convince his psychiatrist he has a handle on the situation, he’ll end up back in a facility.

We’re only in the second chapter, and the bodies are starting to pile up. Jeff Lemire is tightening the screws, steadily building an awkward tension on both ends of this dual narrative. Norton’s all conspiracy theories and anxiety. Father Fred is up to his eyeballs in a supernatural murder mystery. The two stories have very unique identities, and so far the only clear connection is the presence of this ominous building.
The artwork by Andrea Sorrentino is extraordinary, and brilliantly suited to Lemire’s script. Character designs are interesting and realistic. Layouts and panel design get torqued out and frenetic as Norton’s anxiety builds. Father Fred’s tend to be predictably squared and lined up, until the order in his arc starts unraveling.

Gideon Falls #2 is a compelling follow up to the series opener. The build is slow, but it’s coming from two angles, so there’s a whole other layer of tension, not knowing which arc is going to pop first.

Gideon Falls #2, published by Image Comics, released on 11 April 2018. Story by Jeff Lemire, art and cover by Andrea Sorrentino, variant cover by Cliff Chiang, color by Dave Stewart.

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